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The SHIPSAN partnership has determined a long-term vision and strategy to better direct actions and to utilize resources.
The vision of SHIPSAN can be summarised as follows:
All travellers on passenger ships sailing in the European waters will be protected from communicable diseases through the implementation of coordinated evidence based actions taken by the shipping industries, the port health authorities of the European countries and the travellers”.


The actions and tools will be developed and used by the partnership over the next five years in order to achieve the project objectives which are summarised by the following key areas:

• Integrated programme for communicable diseases control and passenger ship hygiene in the EU

• Better surveillance of disease and outbreak detection and investigation of competent authorities

• A network for sharing surveillance data and inspection results among port health authorities of the EU countries

• Support in emergencies upon request of local authorities and shipping companies

• A manual providing hygiene standards, communicable diseases surveillance rules and procedures and outbreak management guidelines (for Norovirus infection, Legionnaire’s disease, vaccine preventable diseases and airborne diseases).

• Training across Europe to port health professionals and crew members