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The Communication Network will be delivered in April 2011 (Month 29)

Communication network of competent authorities for ports in European Union Member States (EUMS)

The EU SHIPSAN TRAINET project partnership developed a communication network of competent authorities for ports in European Union Member States (EUMS).

This tool has been developed to enable the reporting of enhanced information from ships to the competent authorities in EU ports and to facilitate the risk assessment of reported events by port authorities. The communication tool provided the means to exchange information between ports within and across EUMS.

The objectives of SHIPSAN TRAINET Communication Network were to create a communications system that can improve consumers’ (passengers and crew) health protection through:
- sharing epidemiological information among competent authorities at ports in a standardised and confidential way
- facilitating communication by maintaining registries (details regarding ships, competent authorities and inspectors)
- recording of information related to communicable diseases by the ship and competent authorities using web based recording forms. This information can be used for the risk assessment conducted by competent authorities (e.g. port health authorities, National authorities, EWRS National Focal Points)
- sharing of information on hygiene inspections
- creating an alert system to ensure that outbreaks and other public health events can be investigated and controlled in a timely manner without over reaction
- facilitating the exchange of information between ports during outbreak investigation.

There are nine (9) types of users in the communication network platform who have different authorisation and there are two different types of forms in the communication network platform, registries and communication network forms which complete either by the designated crew or by competent authorities.

Pilot testing exercises
Two pilot testing exercises based on fictional scenarios took place during pilot implementation of the communication network. During the first scenario, 16 Competent Authorities from eight (8) different EU Member States (Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom) and during the second scenario twenty (20) Port Health Authorities from nine (9) different European Union Member States (Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom) and one EU candidate country (Turkey) participated.

Click here to access the Communication Network

Information System for recording ship inspection results for issuing SSCEC/SSCC under IHR in the EU.

A pilot web based information system developed in order to store and share information on ship sanitation inspections and issuance of Ship Sanitation Certificate (SSCEC or SSCC) under the IHR.

More specifically this trial database was intended to record and manipulate information on ports, ships, Port Health Authorities (PHA, NFP), health inspectors, shipping companies, shipping agents, ships inspections – checklist, communication - notifications and certificates (SSCC or SSCEC).

This new system uses the most innovative technology (asp.net / MS SQL Server / RDBMS). It is hosted in a dedicated Web Server installed at the University of Thessaly and it functions under a secure framework.
The web platform (http://ssc.shipsan.eu) can be accessed via a restricted / private area (username/password).