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Welcome to the web portal of the SHIPSAN TRAINET project!

This portal gives information on the European funded projects SHIPSAN and SHIPSAN TRAINET. It also provides the project partnership with a communication tool and offers useful information to the public, the scientific community, passenger shipping companies and port health authorities.
Furthermore, the web portal will host the pilot communication network among the port health authorities as well as the training material for crew members and health professionals, at a later stage of the project.

In this web portal you can find:
a. news on meetings,
b. health related events associated with passenger ships sailing in the European Union waters,
c. news from the partnership,
d. information on the project progress.
e. European and international legislation documents, articles and guidelines which are relevant to passenger ships.

SHIPSAN TRAINET is a European project funded by the General Directorate for Health and Consumers of the European Commission. It involves 12 associated partners in 11 European countries and 24 collaborating partners including international organisations, professional associations and passenger shipping companies.

This portal arises from the project EU SHIPSAN TRAINET which has received funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Public Health Programme.

The project aims at developing and establishing an EU integrated strategy for safeguarding the health of travellers and crew of passenger ships and for preventing the international and trans-national spread of diseases through ships.

To achieve the project objectives, a manual will be developed defining communicable diseases surveillance requirements, sanitation standards for passenger ships and outbreak investigation and management guidelines. The manual will be based on the assessment findings of the SHIPSAN TRAINET project, EU legislation and International Health Regulations 2005 (IHR) requirements. It will also be validated by the European Commission (EU) DG SANCO. The strategy implementation will be supported by the establishment of a training network using the existing international expertise. Training material will be developed and pilot training modules will be provided to port health professionals and crew members. A pilot communication network among port health authorities will be established to exchange surveillance and inspection data. Experience from other successfully implemented networks will be used to establish both the port health authorities’ communication and training network.

The project’s added value:

1. Help to address the existing gap for sharing public health information and for responding in a coordinated manner to ship-related health threats within the EU.
2. Sanitation inspections will be conducted in a uniform manner promoting the practical implementation of IHR.
3. The training network will improve public health knowledge of port health professionals and will assist the passenger shipping industry to deal with public health threats.

Download the SHIPSAN TRAINET leaflet